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Aparitie: Noiembrie 2018
Coperta: normala
Nr. pagini: 237
Dimensiuni: 13 x 20 centimetri
Cod: 978-606-8758-62-6 ATMAN

A practical guide for enlightenment

de Marius Mihai Lungu

Descrierea editurii:

There are moments when human mind transcends both the limits of the senses and those of ordinary thinking, entering the realm of other realities. As far as mind is concerned, the very dreams are solid realities, such as the normal waking state. But when we wake up we realize that everything has been just an illusion. As an instrument in itself and through the power we unconsciously give it, our mind comes to tame and manipulate us according to its own scenarios and it does so even in our sleep with dreams. But the mind is no longer present during the deep sleep and when we wake up there is nothing left to remind us of those moments.

However, even in the deep sleep there is something accompanying us, making us realize that we exist even when our mind is absent. Having realized my true nature, I find all these methods and techniques that I myself have applied and written here in the book unnecessary.

But I realize that at that moment, should someone ask me only this: ''Do you know you exist?,'' ''Are you aware that you exist?'' and ''Has there been any time when you did not exist?,'' I do not think I would have understood a single thing and the simplicity of my true nature (which is also yours) would have been overlooked, as usual.

FREEDOM FROM THE MIND GAMES este un produs al Ed. ATMAN si a aparut in Noiembrie 2018 .
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